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Litigation Support


With 20 years of experience as an expert witness, NISCEA is qualified to serve as an expert witness in a court of law.  NISCEA has a fair balance of working on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants, adding to the level of quality and credibility.  Principal Matthew Innocenzi has served as the designated expert witness of more than 30 litigation projects throughout the United States, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Gulf Coast regions.  While working towards a solution to avoid costly litigation, NISCEA has provided expert services and testimony at depositions, mediation, settlement conferences, and trial.

Insurance adjusters, attorneys, and property owners are encouraged to contact me for more information as it relates to litigation related experience and scope of services. 



Are you a property manager or commercial property owner with a building envelope concern?  Our experience with commercial construction includes:  

- Condition assessment survey  

- Feasibility study

- Roofing assessment/repair  

- Water/air infiltration  diagnostics  

- Structural analysis and repair  

- Below grade waterproofing  

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Homeowners are often faced with a host of challenges; repair, expansion, and remodeling to name a few.  If you are faced with structural concerns, water infiltration issues, or just have an idea for a expanding your home, there is no project too small.

NISCEA works closely with Architects, homeowners, and contractors in home remodeling projects.  Through this collaborative effort,  NISCEA is able to provide structural solutions that will provide both safety and serviceability in years to come.   

Many residential projects are not associated with a remodel or expansion.  The age of a home in conjunction with the elements, such as wind and snow, can often bring concern to a homeowner.  NISCEA has the knowledge and experience to provide a condition assessment and evaluate specific items of concern to determine if a structural problem is present.  But, that is not where our service ends; in working together with homeowners, NISCEA can design structural repairs as needed to restore not only the damaged elements but also the homeowner's level of comfort in knowing their structure is safe.

Forensic Engineering


Forensics is the study of failures.  With respect to the building envelope, forensic engineering is the study of failure within a wall, roof, or below grade assembly.  While forensics are often related to litigation, there are several instances in which a statute or limitations has expired, or a party is not interested in pursuing legal action.  


NISCEA takes a logical and scientific approach to solving forensic issues.  That approach often involves both non-destructive testing and careful disassembly of various building materials, coupled with a review of industry standards, design documents to find the source(s) of the problem.  NISCEA's experience and knowledge of engineering mechanics has allowed for accurate diagnoses of building envelope problems such that a suitable and durable repair can be implemented.   

Property owners and property managers are encouraged to contact our office with their building envelope challenges.